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savitri kalundia (Student)


Ankur Patil (Student)

Dear Sir/Madam, We are thankful to you for creation of a wonderful RBI test series. This will certainly help aspirants like me to crack the phase 1 of RBI. You have provided us with the wonderful platform for practice.

sandhya rani thota (Student)

i really impressed about this site and the type of support your giving to practice more online tests based on our interest and topic wise preparation aspect.really thankyou so much for this type of mock tests

Akhilakrishna (Student)

hi your testbag mock tests are good. Awaiting for your response.

gowri mamidi (Student)

Hi your testbag question levels everything was very good.

mohd shahbaz khan (Student)

great website

Gowri Mamidi (Student)

Hi Thanks to testbag series your questions level is good.

shaik shabana (Student)

Testbag is Very interesting and its improve my knowledge Everyday

mahesh (Student)



Good .....and asked good question and .....nice

sunil kumar (Student)

online test is good

venkatayya (Student)

Question pattern is excellent. It's very helpful.

saurabh (Student)

very good

dheeraj kumar (Student)

Excellent , It's very helpfull



vaseem ahamad p (Student)

Hello Test bag, It?s a good site, questions pattern are also good. The section of self-assessor is more beneficial for students to check their proficiency in each chapter.

Rupesh Singh (Student)

very good

Ashutosh (Student)

vary good

Da1 kumar (Student)

TestBag :) this is very help full tremendous job yaar :)

Anuja (Student)


sonu (Student)

what a work.very helpful.. well done and thanks a lot

Raj Lone (Student)

it's very nice

Giftyluthra (Student)

You guys are doing wonderful job. I have gone through lots of online preparing websites, but haven't anyone like this. This is simply amazing.

Dimple (Parent)

It is good for students who really want to speed up or improve their speed..... and good foundation prior from examination.

surajkumargautam (Student)

Online Test is nice

yamuna (Student)

its really helpful..

Aditi Mondal (Student)

Best ever practice site...........helps to increase my strength of ability

Monica Sekar (Student)

I found it is very useful.Thankyou.

Asif Rashid (Student)

I think it is best for scoring marks

bhargav ram (Student)

super website...!

shreee (Student)

very nice website helping aspirants very much.

Dhanalakshmi jayavel (Student)

I found "testbag" really helping us to score good marks through mock test

Bhawna belwal (Student)

This is a wonder-full website for medical exams :)

Ashish Jindal (Student)

nice website for aspirants of govt job.

Sunil Kumar Jadaun (Student)

Hello Admin, Its very good way to preparation for online examination. I like it so much.

dharanidev (Student)

nice online test portal

Mahendra (Student)

sir thank-you very much for this site... i am feeling very happy to learn from this site....

GAUTAM (Student)

its my first online test nice and amazing lot of experience

ayush bhardwaj (Student)

very good questions for preparation

ayush bhardwaj (Student)


shubham sharma (Student)

very good

kshitij nahare (Student)

very nice to study and solve questions on Testbag to improve your knowledge thanks to Jipmer Testbag 5 stars from me

Aayushi Bagga k (Student)

The questions are very nice. Thanks :)

Nawal kishore p (Student)

The question are all good ,awesome thanx for these.

Anjana Dogra (Student)

nice site for prepation tet exam

Ekta  (Student)

gr8 job testbag team ....!!

Saransh Kaushik (Student)

Nice idea and good portal For AIIMS MBBS Online Practice Test

basireddy thrylokya reddy (Student)

This site is very useful for my JIPMER MBBS exam, with the help of testbag i cracked my two medical entrances with top rank.It is a very helpful site for online preparation.

Shashank Neti (Student)

Testbag is a really good site for students who want all their mock exams at one place! More over, the quality of questions is good ( optimum level - Not too high, Not too low ). Especially, the test papers for BITSAT are really good.This site is ideal !

Jai Singhal (Student)

Very helpful site..for online test series..!!

Ashish Roy (Student)

It is a very helpful site for online exam preparation.......

nikhil kumar modi (Student)

The test was really awesome.

SUBHAM (Student)

this is the best site for the aspirants!!!

kadiveti venkatsai (Student)

super is the mock tests questions will come in vitee paper


Testbag is very helpful site......helping me a lot..thank you

PRINCE (Student)


baburao (Student)

yes it is very helpful for who wants to prepare for competitive exams and jobs also.


Testbag is good website for online Practice Test

Mahesh yogi (Student)

Excellent work by you thank you god bless you all team

Angel (Student)

Test bag is very useful portal. It helps me for my bank exams. Thanks to test bag team.

kishan mv (Student)

this website is very good....extremely useful

akkiyadav (Parent)

CONTENTS are quite similar as its comes in exam . keep it up and try to manage or collect question from student after exam to provide solutions

Berakrishn (Student)

This is a very good portal for preparing for various exams. The questions, exams and the analytics are good. It is interactive and easy to use.

chandan kumar (Student)

TestBag is.....usefull for us...

Apdonda (Student)

This Website Very Use Full

chandra shekar (Student)

testbag make's me to learn and practice,this is an awesome thank u very much

Naveen (Student)

Hai guys the site was very nice and extremely useful

SNEHA TOMY (Student)

Testbag is awesome site!!!

Dhiraj (Student)

My fav web site..... for students this is a home tutor...

sweety (Student)

Dear Sir/Madam ,My great Appreciation's for the "TestBag" team, Helping a lot.....;)

shivasankar (Student)

This website very nice so i like this

Varsha (Student)

Really very helpful website . Thank you so much testbag that you r helping me alot for my preaparation of UGC NET 2015. :) :)

Praveen (Student)

"" really very best site to practice ibps clerk exam,and very helpfull....thank u so much to testbag site ""

Shruthi (Student)

Testbag is very helpful website

samir sam (Student)

Testbag is very nice helping sowftware

Swathi  (Student)

TestBag is very helpfull for me.Thank You

shilpa wahane (Student)

Testbag is very useful in every examination

Antony123 (Student)

Testbag increases confidence to face online exams. Good effort Testbag team.

Sheila Vishwanath (Student)

Testbag is very nice and is helping me a lot.

Ramachandran (Student)

TESTBAG is the best online portal for aspiring students who prepares for all kind of exams.The quality of the questions is awesome...... Thank you..

kislaykumar (Student)

It is nice site through which we can check ourself that how much we are ready for competitive exam

tushar (Student)

I thought for a while that such a wonderful site with great content management hence it must be premium just a word from students like me is thank you.

harshith (Student)

Testbag is Helpful to every one.

Abhilasha  (Student)

Very thankful to testbag team... this site is very helpful for the students preparing for different competitive examinations...selection of questions is really good.

Nisha (Student)

Hello sir, Site is really helpful to us for SSC CGL GA paper. Thanks

Nitin Tyagi (Student)

TestBag Portal have Very Nice Selection of Questions for IBPS CWE RRB

Kareemulla Syed (Student)

Testbag IBPS CWE RRB online exams are very useful to me.


it is awesome.....good experience thank you for providing this......

souravmishra (Student)

thanks the whole testbag team for my csat exam

abhishek verma (Student)

very good NDA test



Anurag (Student)

Dashboard is very user friendly and simulates questions according to the pattern. Level of questions is in arguably well. Looking forward to solve more questions. Great step indeed by TestBag.

Samuel Reddyprogu (Student)

Hello Admin, I would like to thank you for the resources and quality of material made available in this website. Would be of better use if I'd have found about it earlier.. Thank you again :)

nirosha (Parent)

Testbag is Very useful for practice

kishor (Student)

Very useful

sandeep (Student)

Hi Testbag is very useful for my preparation.

paramesha (Student)

i like this site

Pratik Bhattacharya (Student)

As amazing a job you have done with this site.Now overall, this site is truly amazing and for people like me who are incapable of taking up paid tuitions from either lack of scope, time or money this site is a life-saver. So thank you.

kathapriya giri (Student)

I am from the Seven Squire School Mira road East Mumbai.its a very useful side for me. Thanks

Gaurav joshi (Student)

Very nice site.

Haresh (Student)

Nice work done for us ,Thanks Testbag

Pendemvijuay  (Student)

Very nice website for CSAT, i like this TestBag

SIVA BOSE (Student)

Dear sir,My daughter done well in JIPMER MBBS exam. Your online test was very useful.Thanking you

rajeshwari (Student)

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful self assessment site.

deepak rautela (Student)

very important question on this site

vibhor kulshrestha (Student)

Very good questions for NDA Exam.I am very happy.

SAI PRANAY (Student)

Its a very helpful portal for CACPT.It has good bunch of questions.

ruchika (Student)

It helped a lot in RPMT Exam! Otherwise i was not expecting anything in this Paper

sonam (Student)

Very nice website for SBI PO online test

Lokesh Sharma (Student)

This is the BEST SITE i've come across and the level of questions is FABULOUS:-)Thanks for providing such a valuable thing.

Chris Thomas (Student)

Sir, I came to know about this site recently.I've got to say your site is the most realistic in providing questions and it feels like I'm giving one of the real exams.

Athira Raj  (Student)

Questions are amazing,nice website

Amal Saxena (Student)

Superb website Keep the Spirit up

Subham sharma (Student)

Respected Sir/Madam, I am heartily thankfull For granting me permission to have access to such good Self test series. Thanking you

Harshit Bansal (Student)

Very very thanks admin for this portal this is very useful

Surat Patel  (Student)

hello admin, You have done great job find some thing new ! cheers guys.

Rishabh Bisht (Student)

Superb!!! Simply fantastic!!! What a wonderful site!!!

Heeral Bhatt (Student)

Dear Sir, I am a student preparing for the JEE ADVANCE EXAM 2014 associated with your site.It has been a pleasure to have come across a site like yours,namely . The questions provided in the mock tests are really nice. It is proving to be a very good source of using our brains in such a way that exactly help us to think the way as we should on the day of the exam. I certainly appreciate your efforts and the above stated is my only grievance. Thank You.

Gaurav (Student)

Nice website.......

peeyush (Student)

i feel blessed finding out this website...its a boon for all of us..:)

jahnavi (Student)

I am very happy that i have found this site.I feel i can score good marks in competitive tests.

Rino Simon (Student)


Gaurav Nakashe (Student)

I like this website

Rakesh (Student)

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Shubham (Student)

I think TestBag creates a good environment for the students

Shrikant (Student)

This is one of the best portal to improve performance in Competitive Examinations

yogesh (Student)

TestBag is awesome.....plz continue the same thing....a salute to your team from my side

Vibhor Tilwankar (Student)

Good wishes to Testbag team who has developed this innovative method of learning and attaining topic wise proficiency.

Vibhor Tilwankar (Student)

Excellent aid to prepare for the exams while you are working ! Yes Test bag has made it possible to prepare in your spare time on job. Thanks to the entire team. Best Wishes !!!

gaurav singh jadon (Student)

TestBag is really helpful and is better than career launcher,time,tcyonline etc.

rajaram gupta (Student)

Testbag is helpful to every one.

mohamedw (Student)

Testbag ,i never seen before Testbag like website.

krishnakant yadav (Student)

Testbag is Helpful to every one.

S.SUDHIN (Student)

TestBag is very useful for every one

Prabakaran Annadurai (Student)

Sir, i find this site very useful and very interesting to learn.

Bhanu Somavajhala (Student)

Hello Sir Your Material is simply super sir.... I have prepared for ibps po.. It is very nice..

Prasanta (Student)

TestBag series is very helpful to know the pattern of FCI management trainee specially for paper I some of the question is very logical type in quantitative aptitude and data interpretation.

T.MUKESH (Student)

This website is nice to search for education information

Ranjith (Student)

Test Bag is a useful for every one and it wonderful website

surojit pal (Student)

Very nice website. One of the best website till date.

rahul kumar (Student)

This website is very good

samiksha goyal (Student)

One thing i like the most about it is that TestBag is very genuine unlike other sites and does exactly what the name suggests....the question papers are exactly of that particular exam others i find it very useful... ...thanks...

dipu (Student)

This website is very important in my life and this site is very useful as well

yana (Student)

i am preparing for IBPS PO..... this site is very usefull and well up to date with new paper pattern.. thanks for providing us such a beneficiary site.

Lakshmi Sobha (Student)

The questions in TestBag IBPS PO level are upto the standard and I find it very useful.

pradeepraj (Student)

Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!JIPMER MBBS online Practice Test.

Harish Kumar N G (Student)

Its good site for self preparation.. helps me a lot..

Deepesh Yadav (Student)

This website has proved very useful to me.

kuldeep singh (Student)

well;there is only world to describe this site and that is AWESOME its the only site which provides better test series not only for JEE but even for NDA.....:)


Very nice portal for RBI GRADE B Officers Online Exams .Doing very good job.

thirumalai (Student)

it's very useful to learn knowledge

akshay (Student)

This is a beautiful platform for self assesment.....

Jagdish (Student)

TestBag is the Best way to Increase Speed.

Ruby Banerjee (Parent)

Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know that how very pleased I am with the TestBag DELHI POLYTECHNIC Online Practice Test for my daughter, who has got a great success as she has received the opportunity to enroll her name as Electrical Engineering at Govind Ballav Pant Polytechnic College. In particular, your online presence has made a difference. I look forward to my daughter's continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.


TestBag is so useful for me.So I tell thank you TestBag

shahin (Student)

TestBag..,is really very useful for us to increase our knowledge..,such a helpful site..,

Sreemedha choudhury (Student)

TestBag is really a great site for students who want to crack competitive exams. Sir, it will be like the "icing on the cake" . Thanks a lot! :)

Shell Sharma (Student)

This site is really very helpful for entrance exams and too improve our knowledge too thanks to TestBag Team for making such a wonderful site.

Divya (Student)

Dear sir I thank you for the creation of such a wonderful portal. It helped in increasing my knowledge level.Its absolutely good for the competitive exams. once again thanks

Hemant (Student)

Its realy useful website for us

pankaj chum (Student)

Good learning from this portal.

vijendra B N Gowda (Student)

its really worth who wants to practice to get more score in term of utilizing the best time management.

sona (Student)

Awesome experience...thank u testbag being a helping hand in testing myself

Bhanu (Student)

Now i m saying this site is really nice.... today is my hotel management paper and there are 20 to 25 question which really help for scoring in this exam.. thax a lot

Meetali (Student)

Good site....!!!!

tusharsurwade (Student)

It really good site for Banking Po Student

Lawrence (Student)

Good site!

praveen kumar (Student)

Sir/Madam i have seen the FMGE website it is very helpful to the student of fmge aspirants because you have provided us mock tests.

Suraj kumar (Student)

I like this website and very use-full for my exam

varun (Student)

your website is very helpful to children in many ways

poornima.L. R (Student)

This is vary good website for us

suresh kumar sharma (Student)

I like your test engine really supportive

Shidharth sood (DPMT-112) (Student)

Dear sir, It was my pleasure in studying in Testbag. The guidance given by all the teacher was excellent not only my conceptual understanding was enhanced but consciously confidence was built in me, topper in exams. This all helped me in passing medical entrance particularly DPMT with flying colours. The online technique of formative assessments and subjective assessment to prepare for entrance exams is very unique, you can create your own test on any topics/concepts or take the advantage of expert created topics / concepts tests to check your knowledge and identify gaps and fills the same before moving to the next topics. In addition complete stimulated test on test stimulated or stimulate exams like test to gain experience and remove the last fears. Thanks to TestBag .

Bhagyashree(DPMT-214,NIMS-3) (Student)

Dear sir, It was my pleasure in studying in Testbag . The guidance given by all the teacher was excellent not only my conceptual understanding was enhanced but consciously confidence was built in me, topper in exams. This all helped me in passing medical entrance particularly DPMT with flying colour. The online technique of formative assessments and subjective assessment to prepare for entrance exams is very unique, you can create your own test on any topics/concepts or take the advantage of expert created topics / concepts tests to check your knowledge and identify gaps and fills the same before moving to the next topics. In addition complete stimulated test on test stimulated or stimulate exams like test to gain experience and remove the last fears. Thanks to TestBag .

Pratik kumar Mandal (AIPMT-84) (Student)

Respected sir, As a medical / engineering student,I found the best place in studying in TestBag . The guidance provided by all faculties was excellent. With the help to great guidance of my academy, I got good rank in engineering (AIEEE,I.P) and medical both of the places. Honestly speaking my success without TestBag is unthinkable. The online technique of formative assessment and subjective assessment to prepare for entrance test is very unique. You can make your own test on any topic, exams, or take the advantages of experts created concept of topics tests to check our Knowledge and identify gaps and fill the same to moving to next steps. I strongly recommend TestBag to all engineering and medical aspirants. Thanks to be a part of TestBag.

Shashank (DPMT-152) (Student)

Respected sir, As a medical student, I would like to say that TestBag is the best place for preparing medical exam. As with the help of great guidance of all academics from TestBag I got good rank in DPMT (medical field). I would like to share my views is everybody that without help of the guidance of TestBag my success was unthinkable. All the teaching methodology like conventional classroom sessions from expertise, online practice sessions, test series etc. is a remarkable way to crack the examination I really thanks to be a part of this TestBag.

Bhaskar (Student)

Very useful site for preparing for IIT JEE Exam

Aditya (Student)

Its a good platform for the AIPMT ,IITJEE ,AIEEE aspirants...

Rahul (Student)

This is a awesome site for student who are really serious for taking job in Bank PO.

Chirag Bagdai (Student)

Hey frnd, its a beautiful creation i like..thanks...

Tankarshah (Student)

Respected Sir/Madam, This Site have given best opportunity to measure my own level. I "TANKAR SHAH" heartly thankful for this. Thank You.

Saipriya (Student)

Sir, i attend the online tests in testbag for AFMC exam regularly. this website is a great place for all the exams.

Rafquat (Student)

Awesome experience...thank u testbag being a helping hand in testing myself

RKS (Student)

Sir, let me thank you for the kind efforts towards providing invaluable guidance to the students.

Arsh (Student)

Hi.. Am thrilled by your innovative strategy of conducting tests online and comparative analysis.. It benefits financially weak students like me.. thank you for the initiative and please continue with the same..

Ramesh (Student)

It will be very use full for who are planning 2 write the bank exams.

Ashish Kumar (Student)

Absolutely amazing idea of conducting online training programs.........hats off to u sir

Anand (Student)

Respected sir iam greatly obliged to you for having designed so beautiful portal full with knowledge and concept .indeed you are drona for an eklavya like me.

Bharat Bhushan (Student)

The questions are of good standard. i would like to continue this till i clear my pre pgmee

Ankit (Student)

Very good portal with the type of questions for making the student prepare for various entrance exams. I suggest that you should give the test of professional exams-credit, HR, marketing... Thanks.

Arun kumar (Student)

You are doing a wonderfull job please continue with it as there are some poor family student who cant afford coaching class thanks

Laxmi (Student)

like your site and question bank

Manjunath (Student)

I do not have a any words to say about your training,its Awesome and Amazing, the way u are projecting and giving tests its Unbelievable. Please keep continue the same.

Shivu (Student)

i m requesting u please conduct bank exam sir,..,.,.

Singh Parihar (Student)

I appreciate it is really a very good website for giving analyse our-self for CSAT Exam.Many thanks to

Swati (Student)

I am very happy after using this test bag, and also be thankful if you could send me more question paper related to CLAT on my mail it's really pleasure to get this wonderful site. if you could also help me in sending the paper it will be " cherry on cake" :)

saif (Student)

a great help for aspirants of various competition on national level !!

Deboprasad Das (Student)

hello sir, i really appreciate ur effort in putting up a site to give online mock test for FMGE aspirants. i am Deboprasad Das, also a FMGE aspirant sitting for d exam in september 2012. i logged on to ur site, "testbag" and was giving some mock tests which were really helpful

Bhavya Bhatia (Student)

A great site specifically for AIEEE

Sharmila Mishra (Parent)

useful site for competitive exams

vijay (Student)

This is a very useful website for us.